About ZEBA

Zeba is a patented, starch-based, superabsorbent soil enhancement designed to keep a constant supply of moisture available to germinating seed, seedlings, and plants throughout the growing season. Made from natural cornstarch, each Zeba granule works like a sponge, absorbing in excess of 400 times its original weight in water, forming hydrogels that slowly release moisture back to plants as they need it. Zeba also binds and releases water-soluble nutrients, keeping more fertilizer in the root zone where it can be used by plants, thus creating a healthy microenvironment. Over time, Zeba is broken down and consumed by naturally-occurring microorganisms in the soil, leaving no residue behind.

With a steady supply of water and nutrients, plants grow healthier, crops are more uniform, and yields are increased.

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Zeba Information

Zeba is available in several different granule sizes to optimize its performance in different application settings. Explore the different sizes below: