How it Works

Get Crops Off to a Great Start

Zeba is versatile and may be applied dry in the seed furrow and as an anti-crustant; or as a liquid for transplants or root dip. Here it’s shown planted with seed on a farm.

Easy Application

Apply Zeba in the seed furrow at planting to keep a constant supply of moisture available to germinating seed. Typically applied as a dry granule, Zeba is compatible with all standard application equipment.

Absorbs & Releases Moisture

As moisture enters the soil, Zeba particles absorb in excess of 400 times their weight, forming hydrogels that slowly release captured moisture as the plant needs it.

Without Zeba, Inputs are Typically Lost

Crop inputs, including water and nutrients, leach down into the soil, away from the plant roots where they’re needed most. Zeba helps keep these inputs in the root zone where plants can use them, leading to more efficient use of what your plants are given.

Zeba Creates Healthy Microenvironment

Zeba creates a unique zone, where water and water-soluble nutrients are held near the seed and root structure, creating a healthy microenvironment with reduced leaching.

Soil Porosity Increases

As moisture is drawn from the Zeba hydrogel by plant roots, Zeba particles reduce in size, promoting water and oxygen movement in the soil to stimulate more vigorous root development.

Repeating Cycle

As more moisture enters the soil, Zeba hydrogels repeatedly hydrate and release captured moisture as plants need it for a growing season or more.

Fast Emergence Greater Stand Establishment

Zeba promotes faster seedling emergence and increased stand establishment for higher-quality, higher-volume yields. Zeba reduces stress, creating greater consistency across the stand.